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Q: What does my name mean?
A: My name, 1つのねこ (hitotsunoneko) in Japanese roughly means "one cat". Pronounced hee-toh-suu no neh-co. Hitotsu (1つ) means one/first, neko (ねこ) means cat.

Q: What kind of art do you draw?
A: I draw "anime" styled art, Japanese short word for animation. At the moment, I only make fanart. I really love Japanese anime, manga and games so naturally I like to draw it. I've been drawing in this style ever since I was a teenager. Should note I also like to draw SFW and NSFW BL (Boys' Love) and maybe some Bara/Gachimuchi content as well.

Q: How Long have I been drawing?
A: Over 20 years maybe? I've been drawing pretty much my whole life, ever since I was little with a pen/pencil and notepad. 15 or something years since I started drawing digitally with Photoshop, when I was in high school.

Q: What software do you use?
A: I currently use Clip Studio Paint PRO to sketch/draw. If needed, I use Photoshop CS5 to add filters/effects. I have listed the different software I've used here.

Q: What tablet do you use?
A: I've been using Wacom tablets almost the entire time I've been drawing digitally. I currently use the Wacom Cintiq 27 qhd. It has made things alot better. Makes drawing feel more natural as I like to describe it. Totally worth it if you can buy one. I have listed all the tablets I've used here.

Q: What are your PC specs?
A: My current PC specs can been seen here.

Q: Am I Japanese?
A: No. I'm Korean. And no, I can't read or speak Korean.

Q: Can you read Japanese?
A: I mostly self taught myself Japanese. I can only understand simple stuff. Hiragana, katakana, and some kanji.

Q: How long does it take you draw?
A: While I have a usual method, I sometimes do/play with different styles, in which the progress time differs. Normally I work on and off, in which sometimes can take me a long time to finish. Sometimes years. How long to draw a picture really just depends. Like how complex, how big the picture is, me just being lazy, or I'm busy (playing a game instead of drawing;;;). Drawing samples below.

Sample 1: Full Colored Line Drawing (No Explanation)

Sample 1: Full Colored Line Drawing (Simple Explanation)

1. Sketching

Where the progress starts. Can take

me awhile if I'm having trouble deciding

on poses, or it's the first time drawing

the character, or there's multiple


Roughly can take days or weeks.

2. Line Work

Polishing a messy sketch to define the

drawing with clean solid dark lines. One

of the longest steps for me. Especially

if there's multiple characters.

Roughly can take days or months.

3. Flat Colors

The coloring progress starts. Adding the

basic colors. Probably one of the easiest


Roughly can take hours or days.

4. Shading and Such

Adding more depth to the coloring with

shading, highlights, and other details.

Also includes the background if I decide

to add one. Of course the more detailed

the background is, the longer it takes.

Maybe the next longest step.

Roughly can take days or months.

5. Finished Drawing
Link from Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
Original Resolution: 4050h x 2900w (I didin't post original size below)